Accueil Industrie Les Actus STEEL : METEC & 4th ESTAD 2019 in Germany

MPE-Média (PARIS) - The deadline call for papers for the 4th European Steel Technology and Application Days of 24 – 28 June 2019, Düsseldorf, Germany ends on October 31. Still time for you to propose your abstracts and register on line.


Laminage de plaques d'acier (Ph SD MMK Archives MPE-Média)

The 4th European Steel Technology and Application Days 2019 (ESTEC) is organized with the METEC Trade Fair in Düsseldorf Congress Center, by the german Steel Institute VDEh, in cooperation with

The Austrian Society for Metallurgy and Materials (ASMET), Austria, The Swedish Steel Producers Association (Jernkontoret), Sweden and the Associazione Italiana di Metallurgia (AIM), Italy.

The Steel Institute VDEh and all cooperating organizations are committed to adhering strictly to all applicable antitrust laws. Within the context of METEC & 4th ESTAD it is strictly prohibited to discuss competitively sensitive subjects such as price-fixing agreements or agreements on quantities, declares the

Only those who continue to develop their business remain competitive. The prerequisite for this development means being constantly informed about the latest and most sophisticated technological advances, exchanging ideas and initiating and expanding net- works with clients, partners and suppliers, declares the VDEH.


New ideas and developments

With the accompanying METEC conference 4th European Steel Technology and Application Days 2019 (4th ESTAD 2019) the Steel Institute VDEh offers visitors « the perfect opportunity to reach these objectives. At this event you will acquire the latest information on new ideas and developments as well as on the state-of-the-art in metallurgical process technolo- gies iron and steel production, steel materials and steel application ».

Participants will take advantage of the possibility to present their newest technological developments and research results at one of the most important steel conferences. VDEh hereby invites the Steel companies actors to actively support this event with presentations on their latest developments and products.


In Paris, April 2014, "Journées sidérurgiques internationales" (Ph archives MPE-Média)

The topics of METEC & 4th ESTAD 2019 are as wide as the range of steel. Therefore, the diversity of themes is grouped into 5 main topics :


  •          • Ironmaking
    • o Cokemaking
    • o Sintering and pelletising
    • o Blast furnace ironmaking
    • o Direct reduction and smelting reduction
    • o Industry 4.0 in the steel industry


    • Steelmaking
    • o Oxygen steelmaking
    • o Electric steelmaking
    • o Continuous casting, near-net shape casting and ingot casting
    • o Industry 4.0 in the steel industry


    • Rolling and Forging
    • o Rolling of long and flat products
    • o Forging
    • o Industry 4.0 in the steel industry



    • Environmental and Energy Aspects
    • o Environmental and energy aspects in iron and steelmaking
    • o Efficiency increase and CO2 mitigation in iron and steelmaking

For further information please select the topic that is the most suitable. The Second Announcement will open as PDF document. This conference gives you the opportunity to present your latest research results and technology developments in all steel technology fields.



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MPE-Média Editing staff


All papers must be registered online by 31 October 2018 at the latest

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